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Without a Net


Choreography:  Hee Ra Yoo

Dancers: Lauren Camp, Lindsey Mandolini, Sean Hatch, Yuki Ishiguro, Annie Saeugling

Live Piano: Jonathan Howard Katz

Lighting: Han Hyo 

Costumes: Hee Ra Yoo


Description: By shifting traditional notions of orientation for a dance performance, “Without A Net” opens the viewer’s mind to different perspectives, new ways to think of their relationship to the space. New aspects of movement and physicality emerge when the focus is rotated and the audience is no longer the dancers’ focal point. When the dancers are presenting towards imaginary audiences, real viewers are given the opportunity to question their own role in the performance environment.


“Without A Net” was commissioned by The New York Korean Culture Service.

The New York Korean Culture Service Gallery, New York, NY 10022  January 30, 2013


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