160 miles


Choreography:  Hee Ra Yoo

Dancers: Mary Ellen Beaudreau, Lauren Camp, Leigh Schanfein, Annika Sheaff

Lighting: Nick Kolin

Costumes: Lara De Bujin

Music: Cheating Lying Stealing and Stick Figure by David Lang, edited by Hee Ra Yoo


Most recent performance: 2013 Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater New York NY 

Description: A Dance Narrative on North Korean Quality of Life and Dictatorial Control: What it is like to live in North Korea now and over the last 60 years? Separated from the rest of the world, North Koreans are unaware of the concept of a free society. By awakening the audience to the ways in which the actions of a few individuals debase the lives of so many, this dance strives to inspire audiences learn more about life in North Korea and to improve life in all countries. 


North Korean quality of life continues to diminish and dictatorial control continues to grow. A single individual, ruling through fear and trepidation, severely affects the lives of millions. 160 miles is the length of the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.