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Almost There

The Korean phrase “거의 다왔는데” means reaching for something that is just a little too far, but possible to obtain, roughly translated to English as “almost there.” Yoo and Dancers’ new work is about our collective dream to reach our desires in a modern, chaotic world. The dancers represent a crowd becoming a stampede, a warning of one possible outcome of our current path. 'Almost There' was developed during Yoo and Dacners’ three-month residency at Dixon Place.

Choreography: Hee Ra Yoo

Dancers:  Mirela Amaral, Lauren Camp, Mark Willis, Sean Hatch, Lindsey  Mandolini, Chloe Markewich

Music:  Britten String Quartets No 3 op 94, Eighth Blackbird Thirteen movements

Music Edited:  by Hee Ra Yoo

Costumes: Hee Ra Yoo 

Lighting:Rob Lariviere 

“Almost There...” was commissioned by Dixon Place.     

Dixon Place  161A Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002.   June 17, 2013
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