• Here I Am - April 2014, Florida School of the Arts

  • Why Don't You Know? - April 2014, Florida School of the Arts

  • Almost There… - Premier of the full-length commissioned work at Dixon Place, June 27, 2013.

  • Glass Ceiling part 2 - A full length concert work premier at Korean Culture Service Jan 2013.

  • Uneven - Premier at Dixon Place  Part of a series NYC10 Concert Sep 2012.

  • Slippery, Hippery, Flippery - Premier at MMAC Theater Part of a series White Canvas May 2012.

  • Glass Ceiling - Premier at Chen Dance Center as a part of a series New Steps.

  • 160 Miles – A full length concert work about dictatorial control in North Korea. Premier at DNA Theater, Manhattan, December 2011.

  • The Exit – Premier at The Flea Theater part of Dance Conversation series May 2011.

  • Catwalk Parts I and II - Two works that presents snippets of an abstracted fashion show. Instead of modeling clothes, the performers model movement. Premier at DTW in Manhattan, May 2010.

  • The Gong - Part of a series of works that seeks to bring Korean themes and stories to the Western Stage. The work is danced as a duet between two women and addresses the imposed silence of women in ancient Korea. Premier at the 14th Street YMCA, Manhattan, April 2010

  • First Step,  Premier at Chez Bushwick, New York City, March 2010.

  • The Last One,  Premier at Cool New York Dance Festival, New York City, January 2010.

  • Fence, Yoo & Dancers, A full length concert work premier at Greenspace  New York City, October 2009.

  • Last Call, Yoo & Dancers, premier at DUMBO Dance Festival, New York City, September 2009.

  • Who Speaks for Wolf, a full-length work with original music by Jonathan Manness. Premier November 23, 2008, Tisch Theater, NYU.

  • Fade, Second Avenue Dance Company, October 2008.

  • We Are Momentarily Delayed, Tisch Dance, April 2008.

  • Moment, Tisch Dance, February 2008.

  • Dae Mul Rim, Tisch Dance, November 2007.

  • The Wedding, New Orleans Contemporary  Art Center, May 2007.

  • Ants' Bolero, Tulane University, April 2007.

  • Ocean Bridge II at the Canberra National Multicultural Festival, Australian National University Arts Centre, 1999.

  • Ocean Bridge and Jeong. In 1999, Yoo Hee Ra’s Dance Group performed at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre in Canberra, then traveled from Australia to Korea. Performed with Chang-Mu Korean dancers in Seoul and Pu San, and with Kwang-Ju Women’s University Dancers in Kwang-Ju.

  • The Black Swans, Ausdance Dance Festival, Canberra, in May 1998.

  • In Yeon, Gorman House Choreographic Centre, Canberra, in February 1998.

The Exit I

The Exit I

Dance New Amsterdam New York, NY December 2012

The Exit II

The Exit II

Dance New Amsterdam New York, NY December 2012

Unwritten II

Unwritten II

Premiere: January 2013, NYC 460 Broadway St 5th floor gallery