WORKSHOP - Anatomy for Dancers

Class time will be shared between anatomy/kinesiology and exploring the material through experiential and creative activities. Creative and research projects explore the multiple ways the arts and sciences intersect. The goal is to discover the structure and function of the human body from an interdisciplinary perspective, with a focus on relationships between cognition, the nervous system, and movement. 




WORKSHOP - Partnering

This workshop explores the basic skills of partnering through the use of momentum, counterbalance, trust, weight sharing, and lifts. It encourages participants to investigate their individual creativity, and in collaboration with a partner to make movement phrases which will be shared with the class. 


 - MoveOn 

   Ballet Master Class

   12-14 Neubaugasse, Vienna, Austria

   January 10-11, 2019

 - Broadway Dance Center, NYC

   322 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036

   Jan 12, 2019  6 pm


 - Ials Studio, Rome, Italy, 

    June 13 & 14 at 5pm, 2018

   master class on contemporary dance


- American Dance Festival

   Duke University, Durham NC

   June 24, 25, 26, 2018

   master classes on Dance Alignment and Placement 

   master classes on Pilates with Thera-band


 - Move On Dance Center,  

   12-14 Neubaugasse, Vienna, Austria

   July 31-August 13, 2018

   Summer intensive classes


“Working with Hee Ra Yoo during the festival, the process was organic, intelligent and exhilarating. Hee Ra Yoo approaches choreography with a specific voice she has developed during her career. Invention, originality and current are the descriptions of her process that immediately come to mind. Collaboration was easy, patient and visionary. We both grew from this remarkable experience and look forward to a repeat effort in our near future."

—Deborah Choi, Choreographer and Dance Educator, June 17-24 2017


“Our students responded extremely positively to her classes: beginning students found that they had improved dramatically between the two sessions and advanced students found themselves changed to rethinking their use of "standing" and "working" legs both at the barre and in the center. Hee Ra approached both classes with the same rigorous intent, challenging students both with extensive prior experience and with very little.”

—Interim Chair Olivia Sabee, Swarthmore College Department of Music and Dance, 'Feb. and March 2016



 - Jamaica Performing Arts Center, Jamaica, New York
 - Dance New Amsterdam, New York
 - Joongang University, Seoul, Korea
 - Broadway Dance Center, Tokyo, Japan
 - Harbour Dance Centre, Vancouver, Canada

 - Gorman Art Center, Canberra, Australia

 - IaIs Studio, Rome, Italy

 - Move On Dance Center, Vienna, Austria