Somatic practices


Understanding of somatic practices influences in her teaching and dance-making. Hee Ra integrates experience and knowledge of Yoga, Franklin Method, Pilates in her research of movements. Attention to anatomical structures and locations, body biomechanics, as well as spatial and functional relationships between body segments during movement.  


Hee Ra Yoo is a certified Pilates instructor specializing in Pilates for dancers. She originally trained with Marla Bingham in 2001. Ms. Yoo then worked closely with Kathy Grant as private teaching assistant and demonstrator at New York University. Both Ms. Grant and Ms. Kryzanowska are original students of Joseph Pilates. Ms. Yoo’s teaching approach blends classical (Pure Pilates) and contemporary techniques to devise an exercise program unique and effective for advanced dancers. Ms. Yoo includes Pilates in her instruction to dance majors at Georgian Court University.

  • Yoga

  • Franklin Method   


As a dancer, Pilates is an essential part of my weekly routine. Without it, my body feels weak and more susceptible to injury. Although I have had two years prior experience with private Pilates, Hee Ra completely changed my outlook on reformer work. By teaching me to initiate each movement with breath, Hee Ra helped me to refine my technique and strengthen my deeper abdominal muscles. Applying her corrections during ballet class, I feel a deeper relaxation in my barre work.                 Elizabeth Peck, School of American Ballet



Hee Ra's class was a tremendous help for me in terms of improving my back and core strength. She always explained the ways that each Pilates exercise would improve a particular aspect of my dancing and targeted my workout to specifically address the areas in which I needed extra strength and control. After working together, I felt stronger and more controlled in my dancing and experienced less back pain both in and out of the studio.       Olivia Sabee, Moveius Dance 

Who would have thought exercise could be a soulful experience? Every week I look forward as much to working on building a healthy body as to having some laughs about life.       Rebecca Rusmussan