Hee Ra Yoo


Artistic Statement


I have danced, performed, choreographed, and coached in Korea, Australia, Russia and the US in disciplines ranging from ballet and modern dance to Korean traditional dance to gymnastics Olympic teams.

My choreographic style and choice matter comes from this range of experiences.


From ancient Korean Royal Court dances to 21st century Gaga movement, many dances have influenced my choreographic and teaching styles. Korean dance attempts to portray a timeless calm as the body moves with great weight. Gymnastics and ballet, by contrast, focuses on energy and weightlessness. I use old concepts in new ideas to create contrast. I aim to find an essence of the culture from its mythology or traditional movements which play off each other.





Her own company has a focus on the modern genre... After seeing a well-made contemporary ballet like this, it’s exciting to know that as a modern choreographer.... Yoo has successfully transferred her sensibility of movement to the pointe-clad dancer...It leads me to take her for her word that Yoo and Dancers is without borders. 
- Leigh Schanfein, Dance Informa, January 30, 2013

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