The company is available to re-set repertory as well as create

an original work on students and professional groups.

List of Previous Commissions

Full Length Commissions
- Australian-Korean Foundation, Australia
- Ainslie Theater, Canberra, Australia
- Gorman House Arts Centre, Canberra, Australia
- Australian National University Arts Centre, Australia
- Tuggeranong Art Center, Tuggeranong, Australia
- 경성대학 Kyungsung University, Busan, South Korea
- 창무춤터 Changmu ChumTeo, Seoul, South Korea
- 광주문화예술회관 Gwangju Art Center, South Korea
- Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans, Louisiana
- Korean Cultural Center, New York, New York

-Dixon Place Residency, New York, New York

-The Field Emerging Artist Residency, New York, New York

  At Buffalo University teaching a master class and setting repertory 


 Commissioned work by Korean Cultural Center     NYC

Residency at the Dixon Place    NYC

 Residency at The Field   NYC

     New York Live Arts