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Ballet Alignment & Placement 

at Steps on Broadway 

Mondays and Wednesdays 10am


For Ballet and Modern Dancers


The world of dance is constantly expanding. Without a strong foundation, dancers cannot explore this growing movement vocabulary to its full potential. While traditional ballet techniques are effective, even core concepts — turn out, proper alignment — take many years to properly and consistently execute. Every dancer’s body is different, so what works for one dancer may not for another. By centering on the individual, integrating modern concepts, and adding the use of a stretchband to this traditional ballet form, dancers can more efficiently understand and internalize these essential concepts and expedite the learning process.

With the use of the stretchband, there is a greater resistance placed on the body, allowing the dancer to more acutely feel which muscles are engaging properly or improperly and how this effects individual body alignment (especially helpful in engaging the inner thighs to find true parallel and turn out). An emphasis on contra balance, achieved by placing the theraband across the body, permits for greater awareness of weight placement, increasing engagement of core muscles, and allowing for further extension while maintaining balance. This quickly strengthens muscles and helps the dancer in springing from the floor, turning, and numerous other aspects of technique. 

Through my individualized method, the dancer quickly learns how to increase range of motion, create space to extend, prevent injuries, and maintain healthy technique throughout their career.








Bottom video :

A modern class with Thera-band at Georgian Court University

Spring 2016